Create AI-generated sales playbooks.

Provide your sales team with sales playbooks for every target audience. Save time on research and focus on executing winning strategies — all from a single platform.

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Effortless Sales Playbook Creation

Flight's AI makes it easy to get started

Spend less time researching and more time on defining your sales strategy.

Tailor your messaging
Flight takes your core product positioning and tailors it to the challenges and use cases of your different target audiences.
Understand key decision makers
Flight helps identify who your key decision makers are and creates personas for your sales teams.
Identify pain points and objections
Flight analyzes your target audience and provides objections and pain points, equipping your team with tailored responses.

One place for sales playbooks. For all your target audiences

Selling to different organization sizes and industries requires different sales plays. Create playbooks for any combination of organization size, industry, or use case.

Create playbooks for any target audience
Choose any combination of organization size, industry, or use case.
See all your playbooks in one place
Keep your playbooks organized on one platform.

Collaborate, customize, and keep everyone in sync

Invite team members, adapt the playbook to fit your needs, and ensure sales always has the most up-to-date version.

Collaborate and share with others
Invite other team members to your workspace to collaborate with or share read only versions with your sales team.
Powerful editing tools
Upload images, insert videos, paste in slides, link externally, and view your version history.
Keep everything up-to-date
With one place to go for sales playbooks, your sales team will always be referencing the latest version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sales playbooks?

Sales playbooks are a comprehensive, actionable guide to assist sales teams closing deals more effectively and efficiently. It outlines best practices, strategies, and tactics that have been proven to be effective. Sales playbooks typically include customer personas, objection handling, value proposition, scripts and templates, sales intelligence, and case studies.

Is it completely free?

Yes, the Flight Sales Playbook Generator is completely free. In the future, we will introduce premium features.

What can I do with Flight's AI generator?

Flight's AI can generate multiple sections including adapted positioning, key decision maker personas, terms to know, objection handling, and common pain points.

Are you training models on my data?

No. Flight is not using your data to train any AI models. You can request that your data is deleted at any time.